Monthly Archives: May 2013

Playing with Doubled Tetrahedra

This is the first hanging tetrahedral trellis. I played with the doubled tetrahedra, making various not-quite-free-form arrangements of the skeletons, repeating the sequence to make a larger construction. This was made with ridged plastic straws, plastic pony beads, and wire from The Scrap Box. It’s lightweight and strong. It lasted two years outside, exposed to […]

Toward a Tetrahelix

My goal was to make a structure with the graceful curves of a helix, not quite so elaborate as the double helix dna but none the less elegant. Having succeeded in finding an efficient method of stringing tubes together into doubled tetrahedrons I was hoping to be able to add the necessary elements easily. Apologies: […]

Doubled Tetrahedron

Here is how to string or “sew” hollow tubes to make a pair of tetrahedraā€ˇ which are joined at their bases. Use a long wire or cord and begin with a tube at the orange “1” through orange tubes “2” and “3” then follow the sequence of blue tubes “4” through “6” and finally tubes […]