Toward a Tetrahelix

4-double-tetra_7068My goal was to make a structure with the graceful curves of a helix, not quite so elaborate as the double helix dna but none the less elegant.

Having succeeded in finding an efficient method of stringing tubes together into doubled tetrahedrons I was hoping to be able to add the necessary elements easily.

Apologies: drawing is inaccurate. Two years ago in the heat of trying to figure out how to make a tetrahelix I rushed.

3-strings_7068Because the “extra” struts needed to make the tetrahedra twist made it a less elegant (in terms of using a single “thread”) construction, and because it was difficult to visualize what to add where (and would it be less strong with seemingly exteraneous stuff “tacked” on) I began to think of a skeleton for the structure.

There are three “edges” which curve gracefully while enclosing the simple triangles.

yawn_7044Some (cat) people were less than excited…


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