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Up-Cycling Plastic Knives


trellis plus


Tetrahelix Trellis

Looking at my pictures, looking back, it is now obvious that I’m a better trellis maker than a gardener. Hey! no photos of plants growing on these trellis structures…

Like Magic

These diagrams look complicated, like any magic trick. But when you fasten the third string of ribs to the two open spines the elegant simplicity of the construction of this tetrahelix is a revelation. The third face, the final string of ribs, magically makes the two dimensional constructure into fluid curves in three dimensions. Viewed […]

Spines of a Tetrahelix

Instead of beginning with the enclosed tetrahedra, I concentrated on the outer edges of the tetrahelix to make them the most visible part of the structure. I made a small model with twist-ties, thin wire, and stiff straws, then outlined the struts of each “face” between the outer curved backbones with different colors of yarn. […]